Wooshed Right on Over

The end of a semester is always something of a harrowing experience. I refuse to believe that anyone enjoys the pressures of hastily finishing assignments and sleepless nights spent cramming for tests. But, then, perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned in the words hastily and cramming. If there is, it’s wooshed right on over my head.

Now that my days are as empty as the university classrooms, the question on my mind is whether I will find the motivation, the afflatus, to fill this blog with florid sentences composed of ostentatious words like afflatus…and ostentatious. Procrastination is lot like Whack-A-Mole, I’m convinced. There’s always something to procrastinate on, even if that something is exactly the thing you dreamed of doing while procrastinating, if you catch my drift. Now that I can no longer avoid homework, I find that I am tripping over myself to avoid other activities and goals, such as writing. What a terribly vexing cycle!

But I am off for now. My stomach demands food, and of all the things I feel compelled to procrastinate on, eating is not one of them.


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