Just About Everything In Between

As I type this, I am finding it difficult not to break down in tears of joy. Why? Because—and here the tears are nearly sloshing over the brims of my eyes—today is the last day of the semester. I have but one last paper to vanquish and I will be finished and ready to begin a longer overdue summer vacation.

What, you might ask (or you might not—your choice), are my summer plans? I intend to read, and to read obsessively. I fully intend to satisfy my rapacious desire for words by devouring, in no particular order, books on economics, books on society, books on the environment, books on words, books on fictional people and places, books on history, and books on just about everything in between.

I jumped the gun a bit and started my summer reading with Tyler Cowen’s “The Great Stagnation,” and mostly finished it in the span of about an hour. Cowen, a well known economist, packs a tremendous amount of information into a very short book, thereby fulfilling his mandate as a practitioner of the dismal science to maximize the value of his inputs.

And that, so far, is the extent of my summer schemes. I’m not sure my ambitious plan to read just about everything ever written will leave me much time for anything else. Still, when the days are hot, nothing appears more appealing to me than relaxing under the shade of a tree, book in hand. If my summer consists of nothing more, I will be satisfied.


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