Running in Place Slowly

I want to make a brief note of this, and return to it at a later time, possibly tonight.

As time has gone on, we in the economically developed world have become more accustomed to choice in our day to day lives; indeed, we demand choice, and find ourselves flummoxed and frustrated when our options are limited. Some economists have argued that we have too much choice in our lives, and that we’d all be better off without so many damned soda options, or whatever. As someone afflicted and struggling with chronic indecisiveness, I can sympathize with this theory.

One area, however, that has been slow to develop in terms of choice has been education. The battle over school choice, through vouchers, education credits, and so on, has been a slow one, and probably best characterized as running in place with a strong wind at one’s back—there’s forward motion, but it’s pretty underwhelming.

Well, thanks to a recent court ruling, that wind may be redoubling its efforts. The Indiana Supreme Court ruled in favor of Indiana’s school voucher program, and this is being hailed as a great victory for the school choice movement, which it undoubtedly is.

Like I mentioned, I’ll come back and look at this in greater detail. If you have any thoughts on the matter, don’t hesitate to jot them down.


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