An Introduction By Way of an Explanation

There are many reasons why people start blogs. I think we should be honest and admit that narcissism is probably very high on that list. Nobody is immune from that affliction, and anyone who says otherwise is probably looking to sell you something.

I am not, I can assure you, in the market to sell anything to anyone (least of all on a free blogging website), and I’m happy to confess to a certain amount of vanity on my part in starting this blog.

That said, I am also happy to report that this blog’s inception was motivated by more than my ego. Seeing as I am now, finally, on Spring Break, I am going to consider this my Spring Break project. I have a long, tired, and thoroughly depressing history of starting blogs, doing next to nothing with them, and then abandoning them with, well, reckless abandon. It turns out that blogs don’t write themselves, and tend toward disorder without an intervening hand from time to time. Entropy, you know?

My goal, then, will be to diligently and studiously maintain this blog for at least a week, until school kicks into high gear once again. Now, you may be a  bit underwhelmed by the rather modest nature of my commitment. This is a fair point. Just know that I am aiming for quality and quantity here, and that means posting multiple times a day, with decent material each time. The biggest problem with my other blogs was probably not the quality of my posts, but, rather, the frequency with which I posted—in other words, sporadic and sparse.

Will I achieve my goal of consistent output? I cannot say, but I am inclined toward pessimism. At the very least, I will have written one post by the end, and that will have been enough to satisfy my narcissism, if nothing else.



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